James O’Keefe as Osama bin Laden crosses border from Mexico to US


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“We're Alarmed”: Chunks missing from bodies of salmon from Pacific — Lesions in over 50% of fish being reported — Experts: “Looks like traumatic insult… followed by bacterial invasions”; Investigating for pathogens — Wounds this significant must impact ability to survive (PHOTO)

Mohamed Elibiary is a senior member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council. According to a report by the Center for Security Policy, Elibiary also supports  brokering a U.S. partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group.

ISIS Plans On Assassinating The Pope, Italian Governments Gets Tougher To Protect The Vatican

Officials reveal about 2 Trillion becquerels of Fukushima radioactive material flowed into ocean every month during 2013 — “Deadly strontium” releases now more than double cesium — “Strontium gets into your bones… it changes the equation” (VIDEO)

Experts: Scary problems on California coast — There may be “no food anywhere” along Pacific except in isolated areas — “It's like crime scene investigation” in ocean — ‘Certainly' Fukushima is one of stresses to sea life — Dolphins, whales more likely to be bathed in radiation (VIDEO)

Biotoxin causes California pelicans to drop dead from the sky (part one)

How Badly Is Fukushima Radiation Damaging the Pacific Ocean?


In pictures: Billions of locusts invade Madagascan capital

Aviation authorities on red alert for ash cloud after Iceland is forced to close airspace over Bardarbunga volcano

Savage: Feds arming for 'war on white people'

Unusual respiratory virus strikes hundreds of metro kids Kansas City Mo.

Preacher stuns with 'Michael Brown is Jesus' rant Sermon draws criticism in wake of Ferguson riots

Across the Country, the Federal Government Fights For Muslim Worship Spaces [Updated

JP Morgan, Four Other Banks Hit by Hackers

Butchers by any other name . . . . Why it doesn't matter whether you call them the Islamic State, ISIS or ISIL

Churches warned: 'Tidal wave of gay theology' looming

Terrifying Beyond Belief!!! Russian Super Weapons; Destroy Any Part Of The Planet Within 15 Minutes!!! No Explosion!!

Stanislav Lunev on Russian earthquake weapon and secret war plans

Ex-CIA Officer: 'There Are ISIS Sleeper Cells In This Country'

PUTIN ROCKS! Fed up with Muslim violence in Crimea, Russian government orders police to search Muslim women in headbags, Muslim bearded men, as well as Islamic schools

Brevard County, FL Police Buy 8 Apache Attack Helicopters (Video)

Giant fissure splits the earth open in rural northwest Mexico

‘We Must Prepare for Everything': Hagel Says Islamic State Terror Group ‘Is Beyond Anything We Have Seen'

CDC: 30 States Plus D.C. Have Requested Help with Possible Ebola Cases

Inhofe: ISIS strategizing to 'blow up' U.S. city

Nanoparticles: Panacea or Pandora's Box?

Policing Ferguson-style: Officer who pointed rifle at protester and warned 'I will f****** kill you' is suspended indefinitely

Tracking homicides in Chicago

Hamas breaches truce, fires at south, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv; Israel quits talks, strikes back

Wow: Guess WHO is funding the group behind the indictment of Rick Perry… (George Soros)

Liberia fights Ebola in capital, West Africa toll tops 1,200

Exiled Archbishop of Mosul: 'I Have Lost My Diocese to Islam; You in the West Will Also Become Victims of Muslims'

The Purge of Loyal Military Officers By Barack Hussein Obama Continues… Foreword by Fred Brownbill.

America : Obama is purging the U.S. Military by firing 200 Top Military Officers (Nov 14, 2013)





BREAKING: Government Leak Reveals ISIS Is In Mexico And Preparing For Attack On U.S.

Barack Obama - A Catalog of Blasphemies

Homeland Security warns of possible Isis attack on U.S. border

Imminent Terrorist Attack Warning By Feds on US Border—Ft. Bliss Increases Security

ISIS in Mexico? Feds DENY watchdog group's claim that the terror group is operating in Juarez and plans 'imminent' car-bomb attacks on US targets

Feds Fund ISIS Planned Attack On Southern Border

Judicial Watch: Feds' Bulletin Describes Threat of Imminent Terrorist Attack on Southern Border of U.S.

Britain Raises Terror Threat Level to ‘Severe'

FBI National Domestic Threat Assessment omits Islamic terrorism

Is ISIS trying to develop biological weapons? Laptop seized in Syria reveals terror group were looking into use of bubonic plague

Call to Arms: Christians Joining Forces Against ISIS

Sources say second American killed fighting with ISIS in Syria identified as Abdirahmaan Muhumed

Number of cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria stands at 3,069, including 1,552 deaths

Obama Sets The Stage For Civil War In America

Ukraine gathers its military forces after 100 Russian tanks 'are seen crossing the border' just hours after Vladimir Putin vowed to end bloodshed

Obama hatches plan to explode welfare

Between 5 and 7 thousand supporters of ISIS have announced themselves officially in Jordan, and the organization began to raise its flag in several provinces starting from Ma'an.

Benjamin Netanyahu says “Israel will support Jordan in the face of ISIS”

Will ‘Mother Of All Eruptions' Trigger East Coast Tsunami? Biblical Bardarbunga Awakens!

Iceland volcano: Eruption under ice-cap sparks red alert

Russian Sub Goes Undetected in U.S. Waters for Weeks

Chinese Top Gun 'Barrel Rolled' Over US Plane

Russia: Apparent US Sub Chased From Barents Sea

Russian Gang Said To Steal 1.2 Billion Names And Passwords

Revealed, James Foley was an ISIS 'whipping boy': Jihadists discovered pictures of his U.S. Air Force officer brother on his laptop and tortured him with mock executions and 'crucified him to a wall'

Massive rescue proposed for trapped Christians

Turkey threatens flotilla to shatter Israel blockade

Ebola scare hits U.S. 68 times in 3 weeks

Oklahoma City Archbishop Drops Lawsuit Against Devil Worshiper

No room for a beach towel! BILLIONS of mysterious jelly-fish-like creatures wash up on beaches along the west coast of the U.S 

Just To Let You All Know... Globally Deadly Volcano In Iceland

Europe's most active volcano is back with a bang

14 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy's Bubble Of False Prosperity May Be About To Burst

The Muslim Brotherhood Declares “Turkey is the Capital of the Islamic Caliphate” (Prophecy is being Fulfilled)

The First Church of Robotics

ISIS Threatens America Again: ‘We Will Drown All Of You In Blood'

ISIS Members Threaten To Attack America [VIDEO]

What Could Soon Happen to Family Dollar






Could the Latest Islamic State Move Pose a Threat to U.S. Aircraft?

HIDDEN MESSAGE PERHAPS: Ever wonder why Obama calls them ISIL when rest of world calls them ISIS

'Mind-boggling' biblical mystery coming true now

MSNBC warns: Benghazi scandal to return with 'vengeance'

GOP: ISIS Threat Stems From Obama Inaction on Syria

Syria rebels clash with government forces in Golan Heights

Ebola becoming harder to treat —US experts: rapid mutation could “render treatment and vaccines ineffective”

Former CIA agent and Obama critic Jim Garrow arrested in Canada Then Garrow made another bombshell of an announcement — that he knows  Obama had ordered the hits that killed Tom Clancy and Andrew Breitbart .

NY Farm Yanks Wedding Ceremonies After $13k Court Fine for Refusing Lesbian Wedding

UN peacekeepers freed from Syria rebels after firefight Some peacekeepers fled Syria and entered Israel, source confirms.

Nigeria: Islamic jihadists behead six-year-old boy because he was Christian

Muslim Activists Demand Overhaul of All U.S. Law Enforcement Training

ISIS Beheads Kurdish Soldier, Threatens US in New Video

Onward, Christian Soldier: The Time To Take Up Spiritual Arms Is NOW! A Woman's Perspective On The Times We Live In

Chinese interceptions of U.S. military planes could intensify due to submarine base

Explosion of 116 rallies in support of Ferguson officer Americans back border agents, demand return of U.S. Marine in Mexican jail

Ferguson Protest Fires Back Up! Hundreds Gather, Plan Road Shutdown at 4:30pm Monday!


Fed Vice Chairman Warns: Your Bank May Seize Your Money to Recapitalize Itself

Napa reels from $1BILLION in damage caused by the largest California earthquake in 25 years: Experts warn Bay Area risks DOZENS of powerful aftershocks for another week 

China's Reaction: America Is A “Disgusting Thief Spying Over His Neighbor's Fence”

Lt. General McInerney Warns of New 9/11 Event

A Repeat of Black Wednesday? Soros Bets $2 Billion On Stock Market Collapse:

Paul McGuire: 'We Are In A State Of Eminent Crisis' - The Plot To Destroy America

Why Are Some People Protesting or Refusing to Donate to the ALS Association's Ice Bucket Challenge?

Teacher Makes Sixth-Graders Re-Enact the Death of Michael Brown

'Bless you' after sneeze gets girl suspended
'We're not going to have godly speaking'

Media pull out amid new evidence Brown was aggressor

Controversial new Grand Theft Auto mod lets you 'rape' other players

Sex Box': WE tv's New Dating Show Goes All the Way

'Dating Naked' cast member sues after VH1 showed her naked

Game of Thrones broadcaster HBO defends scenes of sex, violence and rape

Harvard Researcher on Aging: There's no 'limit on the human lifespan'

ISIS 'A National Security Threat'

God will give me two or three more years, says Pope

“ISIS here” banner in Ferguson, Missouri as jihadis try to exploit race conflict

Average Price of Ground Beef Hits All-Time High

‘Evil straight from the pits of hell': American journalist James Foley reportedly beheaded by ISIS

Severe' drought covers nearly 99.8% of California, report says