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WALMART TUNNELS: DHS, NSA Venture Involves Hundreds of Stores

Thieves steal deadly radioactive material in Mexico, 5 states on alert

The Vatican States That We Are Now In The End Times, And That The Beast Of Revelation “Is Working Furiously.”

Canada reveals it's actively considering joining China-led Asian bank AIIB, despite U.S reservations

Abortion Supporters Defend Dumping A Live Baby In A Dumpster

Purvi Patel is the first U.S. woman convicted of feticide after attempting to induce her own abortion and instead delivering her child.

DHS To Purchase 62 Million Rounds Of AR-15 Ammo

British paratroopers invade Fort Bragg for largest multinational exercise in 20 years

World-renown Islamic university teaches it's okay for Muslims to cannibalize Jews and Christians

George Washington and most of Jamestown had gay sex... and John Wilkes Booth was one of Abraham Lincoln's spurned lovers, says new book

Miami HAMAS attacks Jewish Reporter

Could biblical preaching be outlawed in America? Exclusive: Michael Brown exhorts Christians to stand up today, before it's too late

Bachmann: God Punishing US With 'Economic Disasters, Natural Disasters' Due To Obama Presidency The Wolf Is Guarding the Hen House: The Government's War on Cyberterrorism

ISIS TERROR CELLS TO STRIKE IN AMERICA Inside Fukushima's ground zero: First robot sent inside melted reactor at tsunami-hit plant dies after just three hours - but not before sending back chilling pictures

Energy-hungry desalination plants will turn all California residents into global warming sinners and destroyers of life

US To Lose 78% Of Population By 2025 And Now We Know Why - A Confluence Of Crisis With A Devastating Result - Deagel.com Comes Out Of Closet - 'Death Toll Will Be Horrible'

EXCLUSIVE: Revealed, the terminally ill man set to be first to undergo the world's first full HEAD transplant pioneered by doctor branded 'nuts'

All of veteran's guns seized after false allegation Dispute with neighbor leads to confiscation

Robert Kennedy Jr. warns of vaccine-linked ‘holocaust'

Obama takes swipe at Christians – again! 'I was about to veer off. I'm pulling it back'

If You Think Jade Helm's Bad Wait Till You Hear About The Presidential Police Force Established on the Heels of Jade Helm! It's About to Get Wild!

Iran's Revolutionary Guards said ‘preparing for war' in case deal collapses Fearing military strike if talks break down, Guards reportedly ready to close Strait of Hormuz, where they drilled to attack US forces weeks ago

Pope Declares Fornication No Longer A Sin

Record 93.2 million Americans now not in the labor force: The not in the labor force rebound added 277,000 Americans in March alone.

Intent of Russian military aircraft near U.S. shores remains unclear

Seventeen Things You Can Count On When Jade Helm 15 Goes Live

Amid Severe Drought, LA County Waterworks Facilities Lose 82K Gallons After Water Pump Malfunction

something is going on: Worldwide Weather Phenomena & Prophetic Signs 2015 (Weekly Events) Jason A

Shocking Passover Blood Moon Predictions by Israeli Rabbi

What ARE the Russians up to? NATO fears grow over why 'research vessels' sent by Moscow have taken over mothballed secret Arctic base in mountain hideaway

Mahdi to return by 2016, followed by Jesus? Mainstream Muslim website makes official announcement

Russian analyst urges nuclear attack on Yellowstone National Park and San Andreas Fault line to destroy U.S.

1,000 British soldiers given psychiatric help after consuming ‘zombie drug' – new figures

New Evidence Reveals Government Is Up To Something – We Need To Watch Out

‘Bloggers' Compared to ISIS During Congressional Hearing People who challenge establishment narratives online likened with terrorist organization

Sickening: Major food corporations use tissue from aborted babies to manufacture flavor additives in processed foods

Mount Paektu growing unrest: major eruption 1,000 years ago, unleashed energy equal to 1 million atom bombs

The Underlying Root Of Jade Helm And Its Evil Fruit Are About Ready For The Harvest Of The Slaughter - This Explains Everything We Hear About Foreign Troops In America

Marine unit conducts exercise at sports park Part of larger traning operation involving sites in California and Arizona

I Got Goosebumps All Over After Seeing Who Jesus Predicted The Anti-Christ To Be 2,000 Years Ago

High School Assignment Forces Kids to ‘Pretend You Are A Muslim'

North Korea Transfers Missile Goods to Iran During Nuclear Talks Intelligence suppressed by Obama administration

23 Things You Will Only See in Israel

Bombshell Report: New Islamic State ‘Camp' Discovered — but Its Reported Location Is the Real Story Glenn Beck Says ‘History Is Repeating Itself' and Unspeakable Evil Is ‘Sweeping the Globe Again'

Shock Report: Feds Seek Role Players For Simulating Forced Detention & Relocation of Americans

Australia To Cut Child Benefits For Families Who Don't Vaccinate

Friend of Marine Vet Jailed in Iran Unloads on Obama: ‘I Am Absolutely Appalled and I am Disgusted'

How the U.S. thinks Russians hacked the White House

Court mulls revealing secret government plan to cut cell phone service Feds: SOP 303 mobile-phone kill-switch policy would endanger public if disclosed.

Food prices to rise as California water restrictions cause farmer cutbacks

China reportedly completes 3 advanced nuclear attack subs

Common Core School Assignment FORCES Students to Make Islamic Prayer Rugs, Recite Muslim Prayers

Hip and Trendy New Yorkers Pay for the Privilege of Eating Garbage

Washington State Flies Chinese Communist Flag At State Capitol - US Patriots Come Out And Take It Down, Assisted By Law Enforcement

Scientists find 800,000-year-old footprints in UK

DARPA made a device that turns insects into remote-controlled cyborgs


April Fools? Why Is The International Weekly Science Journal “Nature” Warning That Earth Faces THE IMMINENT AWAKENING & RETURN Of DRAGONS

Big Agri Spin Doctors: New GMO Produce Is Better For You Than Natural Counterparts

Obama's Social Security Number Fraud Evidence Goes to Judge Who Blocked Illegal Amnesty

Jefferson and the Jihad

Red Flags Everywhere As NWO Prepares To Kill 240+ Million Americans In The Next 10 Years!

Obama Humiliated Again As Australia, Denmark 'Defy US' To Join China-Led Bank

The Next-Generation Weapons That Russia Will Use Against The United States In World War III

ISIS Cuts Off 4 Kids Hands, One for Stealing Toy; Executes Starving Child for Stealing Food

Sickening images show blindfolded and bound couple being brutally stoned to death for having sex before marriage by ISIS militants in Iraq

Common Core School Assignment FORCES Students to Make Islamic Prayer Rugs, Recite Muslim Prayers

Times: 200-year wait faced at Fukushima — Plant Chief: “No idea” how to decommission reactors… “the technology does not exist”; “No viable method” to deal with melted fuel; “So many uncertainties… we don't have accurate information” — Engineers declared problems ‘insurmountable'

If your child's school allows 'Day of Silence', keep your child at home this Friday

Netanyahu's Powerful Words on Holocaust Remembrance Day, Iran Nuke Deal Shows World Has Learned Nothing From the Holocaust

This Is Everything Our Enemies Deny Ever Happened. THIS Is How We Remember.

Australia to authorize guards to 'beat asylum seekers to death' – report

Pentagon drafting thousands of ‘cyber forces' in prep for cyber emergency

Japan's Volcano Mount Zao shaken by swarm of tremors – volcano last erupted 75 years ago


Walmart Closings, Jade Helm And The China Connection- Are Some Walmart Supercenters Being Refitted Into 'Processing' Centers For Americans? 

Netanyahu Warns Putin Directly Against Sale of S-300 to Iran PM calls Putin, tells him sale of advanced missile system will shake regional security; system could nix strike on nuclear facilities.

Climate Change Promoters Just Got Some Very Bad News From The American Public

Obama's Pentagon Says The Bible, Constitution, And Declaration of Independence are ‘Sexist'

Lt. Col. Caught In Lies About Jade Helm: Our Worst Fears Confirmed

'My greatest fear is getting old': 19-year-old vegetarian model bathes in PIG BLOOD in a desperate bid to maintain her youthful looks forever 

Asteroid size of Statue of Liberty 'on collision course with Earth'

Proof: In Just 50 Years, If We don't act now, Islam Will Take Over The World

Russian Missile Sales to Iran Cross White House ‘Red Line' White House narrative on cooperation with Russia collapses

CERN Collider – The Stargate of Shiva?

Video: Veteran Pulled Over by Camo-Wearing Cops In Armored Vehicle "I didn't know we were in Iraq"

200 Years After Tambora, Some Unusual Effects Linger Frankenstein, famine poetry, polar exploration—the "year without a summer" was just the beginning

Atacama 'Tsunami': Freak rainfall floods devastate driest desert

Phase Two of Jade Helm 15 Is Emerging

Kansas Allows Conceal Carry Without A Permit Kansas goes to "Vermont carry"

Martial-Style Law Returns To Boston Days Prior To Marathon Causing Alarm As Military Build-Up Continues Across Country Ahead Of Jade Helm 15

Russia Prepares To Go 'Hot' - Announces 4,000+ Military Drills For 2015 Including Massive New Drill With 20,000+ Troops!

Vatican Buying Up Jerusalem and Politicians

Is this evidence of alien life near Earth? Controversial scientist says he has found MORE organisms 25 miles above the planet

Combining Hyena Genetics With Our DNA Could Allow Human-Animal Hybrids To Survive The Future, University Argues

Tech titans' latest project: Defy death For centuries, explorers have searched the world for the fountain of youth. Today's billionaires believe they can create it, using technology and data.

Think eugenics could never come to America? It already has: victims now being compensated in Virginia

DEVELOPING: There's a Cowboys vs. Muslims Showdown Brewing in Texas

Feds likely to shut down sardine fishing on West Coast

Was Emergency Alert Message Tied To Jade Helm 15 And Florida's Martial Law Exercises? Reports Of FEMA Body Bags, Death Trains And Strange Things Going On At A Military Base In California

Who pulled out the plug? The 'bathtub ring' on the banks of the Colorado river that's thousands of miles long

Giant UFO Flying Saucer Discovered On NASA Mars Orbiter Photo – UFO Abandoned On Rugged Mars Terrain

Surf's Up: Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Are Invading the UK's Beaches

Doomsday Underground Command Centers:  US Builds  Bunkers To Protect Elite, Russia Builds Them To Protect The People - What Is Wrong With This Picture?