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How Much Of The US
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David Wood on the
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The 613

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Is The U.S. Food Supply Cursed?

Mass Animal Die Offs!
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Cyber Attacks On U.S. In Real time

Aborted Human Fetal Cells in Your Food, Vaccines & Cosmetics

Sickening: Major food corporations use tissue from aborted babies to manufacture flavor additives in processed foods

Scientists Harvest Organs From Aborted Babies to Use in Animal Research



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Getting Back

I Believe

Sinserely Wrong

We All Bleed Red

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Go Rest High On That Mountain

In God We Still Trust

I Am Nothing With Out You

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SHOCKING: YOUNG GIRLS CONVULSE ON THE FLOOR AFTER HPV SHOT Video appears to show widespread adverse reaction to Gardasil vaccine

FEMA Is Holding A Drill For The Largest Earthquake In History!!! “The Great Shakeout” New Madrid Fault Line!!!

Forcing Girls To Share A Bathroom With A Gender-Confused Boy Is Abuse

Chinese warships in Bering Sea as Obama visits Alaska

Record Fukushima Radiation on California Beaches

Baby seals dying of leukemia type disorder "every sea bird starving to death!" Record numbers of humpback and fin whales found dead US west coast

Stock Up Before Banks Close and Shelves Empty: “Time to Kick Prepping in Overdrive”

Atheists Seek to Erect ‘No Gods' Display at Arkansas Capitol After Ten Commandments Approved

Nearly 200 retired U.S. generals and admirals have signed an open letter opposing the Iran deal and urging Congress to reject the “defective” agreement.

Kentucky Student-Led Pre-Game Prayers Under Fire by Atheist Activists

September 23 & September 24, 2015 Opening the IXXI Door (911 Door) Opening The Abyss CERN, Mysterious Deaths, The French Minister, The Pope & The Planned Crossing Over 

Obama Admin's Anti-Christian , Pro-Islam Bias Shillman Fellow Raymond Ibrahim paints a disturbing picture on NewsMax TV.

Plunge Protection Team Losing Control of Markets-Jim Sinclair

Cancer-Stricken ‘Gay Marriage' Advocate Jimmy Carter Packs Sunday School Class

Thousands Rally in Support of Christian Clerks Who Refuse to Issue ‘Gay Marriage' Licenses

Obama's military contempt: U.S. Army Lieutenant Sentenced To 20 Years In Ft. Leavenworth For Killing Taliban Scouts About to Ambush His Platoon…

UK petition to arrest Netanyahu for Gaza war crimes reaches over 80,000 signatures

Iran: Nuclear Deal Will Enable Support for Terrorism Vows to not allow U.S. to gain foothold in region

Feds Raid California 'Maternity Hotels' for Birth Tourists

World's Richest People Lose $182 Billion in Market Rout

This 2 Day Stock Market Crash Was Larger Than Any 1 Day Stock Market Crash In U.S. History

'Just Days Away' From 'One Wild Month' - Massive Military Trains Seen In Colorado And Mississippi With 100's Of Machines Of War On America Soil - Jade Helm?

Belfast Pastor on Trial for Offending Islam

IRAQ: Soon all the Christian towns will be ghost towns as the Islamic State ethnically cleanses the country

Bombs Found Planted at New Mexico Churches

Slovakian Government Refuses to Cave to UN's Demands to Take in Muslims—Says They Will Only Take in Persecuted Christians

'The Monster Plot' - Are Russian Spetsnaz In Full Motion In America? Is Inferno Blazing In Western America A Prelude To WW3 Invasion Upon American Soil?

‘DISASTER'? Experts say LA ‘black ball' program is ‘bacterial nightmare'

Townhall: Marine Punished For Sharing Classified Info To Warn Against Attack

Joel Osteen Rebukes Apostles Paul, Peter, and John

African-American Churches Rally for Israel: "Just as Jews Supported Blacks in Civil Rights Movement"

Second Yosemite tourist may have plague, park remains open

All Hell Is About To Break Loose - Gerald Celente - 'Collapse Is Underway, It's Chaos!'

Epidemic of sea mammal deaths explodes as Fukushima radiation contaminates one-third of the earth

Iran Deploys New Fighter Jets Meant to Combat Israel

Government Wants RFID Tracking Chips Implanted in Welfare Recipients

Official: “Thousands of Millions” of fish wash up dead in Alaska — Piles of them… I have never seen anything like it… First time we've ever heard of this (VIDEO)

Meet 'The Harbinger Man' New movie chronicles life of messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn

Plague-infected squirrels found at Yosemite National Park campground

HAMAS 'ACCEPTS TERMS' OF 8-YEAR TRUCE WITH ISRAEL Sources say ending rocket strikes, tunnels included

180-Year-Old Baptist Church to Perform Same-Sex ‘Weddings,' Ordain Homosexuals

As Predicted By Father Malichi Martin (And Tom Horn, Cris Putnam)—Freemasons Begin Open Advocacy Of Petrus Romanus; Indicate He Is Selected Harbinger Of Final Occult World Order

A New Kind of Eternal Life: The Growing Christian Transhumanism Movement



Jonathan Cahn: America Is Racing Toward Judgment


10 Things That Are Going to Happen Within 15 Days of the End of the Shemitah

Brent Miller: The Coming Pole Shift

Why America Should Be On High Alert For A Major Earthquake Along The New Madrid Fault


Kentucky clerk still won't issue same-sex marriage licenses

Major Event Just Weeks Away! Mannarino - "Third Death Cross" Imminent And Will "Change The Landscape Of The Entire World"


Charlie Daniels' Open Letter to Congress: 'You've Betrayed Your Country'

"There's No Such Thing as Moderate Islam": An Iraqi Priest Describes the Christian Genocide

‘My Pastor is on the Ashley Madison List.' Too many Christians have been caught using Ashley Madison, many of them pastors and church leaders. What now?

US reports unusual spike in human plague cases

'If the internet goes down, half the planet will come to a standstill': why 'preppers' will be the last ones standing

White House Spokesman Josh Earnest Calls for Gun Control Hours After Shooting

Atheists Drive Jesus Christ out of Kansas School

Islamic State Fighter Raped 12-Year-Old Between Readings of the Quran

Coming in September – More of the Last Two Days?

Outrage Spreads as Democrat Mayors in Michigan Plan Ramadan Dinners on 9/11

WARNING: Obama Admin Exposed in Shocking International Gun Control Plot… They Meet TODAY

Obama Wants UN Noose Around Necks Of Gun Owners

Rick Santorum: Defunding Not Enough – Planned Parenthood Must be Prosecuted for Murder

12 Shocking Proofs That Disaster Strikes America When It Mistreats Israel

Planned Parenthood: When Shipping Dead Baby Heads, Make Sure Eyes are Closed

Developing: What just caused this MASSIVE explosion at a U.S. military facility?

Global Food Shock On The Horizon As US Grain Reserves Sit At Zero

Christian Leaders: 'War Room' Could Change a Nation

Atheist Activist Group Seeks ‘Permanent Benching' of University Football Chaplains Nationwide

A World In Denial, Headed For Full-Blown Panic As The Global Economy And Stock Markets Crash

Friday's other big number: Obama plays 248th round of golf as market tanks

Whole Sections Of Arizona No Longer Functioning Under United States Control

Strange Beams Of Light Captured In Italy, Mexico, And The US! What Are They?

CLUES UNLOCK OBAMA I.D. MYSTERY: FBI Soviet spy files, SUBUD cult, and a dead body

Cruz pledges to 'lead the fight' to defund Planned Parenthood

Muslim who raped girl, 13, not jailed because his “religion doesn't teach that sex with a child is wrong” (PICTURED)

The Collapse Has Already Begun: “Currencies Are Crashing Hard, Recessions Are Starting”

Amid Rising Ungodliness, Can the Church Make a Difference Again?

What Will You Do When The Government Checks Stop?

Catastrophic Kill Zone Up And Down West Coast - Expert Warns: "It Could Be The End"

China Declares War | "The Glenn Beck Program"

‘Israel Must Be Obliterated': New Iranian Video Imagines Muslim Invasion of Jerusalem

Political Insider Warns Obama May Be Last US President - America Turned Into An Islamic Caliphate - Things Are Shaking Up Big Time!

"Avoid ALL Contact" With Rain, American Embassy In Beijing Warns

New set of global laws targeting Jews on horizon?

Presidential Candidate John Kasich: ‘I Don't Read a Bible to Figure Out What I Think'

Arkansas City Deletes Bible-Based Facebook Posts Following Atheist Complaint

PLA's new DF-5B liquid-fuel ICBM 'can hit any target on Earth'

BOMBSHELL: China and America already at war: Tianjin explosion carried out by Pentagon space weapon in retaliation for Yuan currency devaluation... Military helicopters now patrolling Beijing


The danger of Devil's Breath: How women criminals are using new trick of blowing drug powder in victim's faces, leaving them like zombie's who'll do ANYTHING

Obama Prophesies Climate Nightmare: Famine, Floods, Fire, Fumes and Fighting

DANGER: Richard Russell Warns Investors To Be Completely Out Of The Stock Market

Paul Craig Roberts – We Are Now In The Final Endgame For Humanity

This Black Swan Will Be A Global Event That Shocks The World And Rocks The Financial Markets

Obama Says America is the #1 Muslim Country in The World

Pennsylvania Officer Who Stopped to Help Parked Vehicle Assaulted, Thrown Over Embankment: Police

Expert Warns On Unusual Mortality Event: 'It's All Going To Cascade Up To Us' And 'Everyone's Freaking Out'

Feds Go Door-To-Door To Inform Gun Owners Rights Not Absolute

CAUTION: Top Analyst Warns Dow To Plunge Below 14,300 Within 5 Weeks!

Why did Obama nationalize the U.S. food supply with executive order 13603?

Obama Admin. Again Warning That White ‘Militias' are as Big a Threat as Islamists

The Western Establishment's Concealment of Muslim Persecution of Christians Shillman Fellow Raymond Ibrahim brings a message of truth to Capitol Hill.

Message From the Next World Comes to Israeli Mystical Rabbi, Warns of Imminent War

McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut say NO to Request to Offer HALAL Meat…AND MUSLIMS ARE OUTRAGED

Scientists Studying Swarm of Earthquakes In Northern Nevada

'Of course' market plunge 'is God's judgment!' Top names in Bible studies go public on Wall Street bleeding

Portland Investigating Inaction of Officer Against Man Who Attacked ‘Scum' Christians with Cleanser

WATCH: Satanists Perform Shocking Ceremony at Planned Parenthood During Pro-Life Protest

‘We have to start calling evil by it's name': Glenn's candid conversation with Mark Levin on Islam

Why do the same corporations that promote gay marriage also support baby chop shops that harvest organs for profit?

Aborted Human Fetal Cells in Your Food, Vaccines & Cosmetics

Obama's BIG PLANS Don't End With His Presidency

Admiral (Ret) James Lyons Just let out the Secret Muslims Don't Want you to Know

When They Tried To Institute Sharia Law Like ISIS In Texas, A Group Of No Nonsense Texans Do THIS

ISIS on the Temple Mount

JOHN HAGEE: 'The Antichrist is Here'

Ashley Madison Data Dump Reveals Hundreds of Obama Admin Employees Had Adultery Accounts

America: A Land Where Justice Is Absent — Paul Craig Roberts

China Tests Most Dangerous Nuclear Weapon of All Time

Nuke Deal or Not, Iran Has Already Declared War on Us

People increasingly mutilate themselves to look demonic as transhumanist movement grows

Horrifying Proof Emerges That Black Magic Satanists Rule The World - Not Politicians, Bankers Or Military Heads

The September List: 36 Converging Events

We Have Already Witnessed The First 1300 Points Of The Stock Market Crash Of 2015

Muslims Arrive For Prayer, Horrified By What Mad Oklahomans Left At Mosque

LA Times: ‘Unprecedented' House Lawsuit Is Turning Into a ‘Real Problem' for Obama

Seventh Planned Parenthood Expose': Some Babies Are Alive When Organs Are Harvested

The Reason Why the Elite Are Hiding Deep Beneath the Earth

China now runs 4 of the world's 5 biggest banks

Planned Parenthood is Likely Keeping Some Aborted Babies Alive “Until Their Hearts are Cut Out”

Record-breaking toxic algae bloom worse than feared

Breaking News: Two More States Defund Planned Parenthood!

Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz: The Body of Christ Must ‘Rise Up' This Election Season

We Are Living in Times Prophets of Old Longed to See

Farrakhan shouts 'Allah Akbar,' says white people know they 'deserve to die'